Fine Chinese Watches is the first web-shop in Europe with a focus on high-quality watches made in China.

Why watches from China? Because the almost unnoticed development of the Chinese watch-manufacturing industry nowadays offers high-end products having the same quality and level of design as Swiss and German manufacturers. The fact that these watches are characterized by an outstanding price-performance-ratio is making them even more interesting.

Fine Chinese Watches is doing business exclusively with the top leading manufacturers. The watches which we offer have been selected using simple criteria: classical and genuine design, high-quality mechanical movement and proven reliability. Among the watches offered, enameled dials and Tourbillons are over-represented due to the fact that products of such expensive artisans work can merely be found at ordinary price levels.
That’s the mission of Fine Chinese Watches: making Luxury affordable!

The brands of our partners are well-known and respected in China as well as in Asia. This reputation is more and more finding its way to the Western World. An increasing number of watch connoisseurs and collectors is trying to purchase these watches directly in China facing challenges concerning customs, genuineness, payments and warranty.

Purchasing at Fine Chinese Watches means, you will get the watches shipped from Germany with a commercial invoice, with separately indicated VAT as well as a two-year warranty. For customers outside EU we sell the watches excl. 19% VAT.

We only sell a certain part of our partners’ collections. Should you wish to purchase a watch which we do not have on our website, we kindly ask you to contact us. We will be pleased to try our very best in order to provide these watches too.

We hope you will enjoy rummaging around in our continuously growing collection of Fine Chinese Watches.

Dr. Robert J. Bartels, Patrick Bartels & Philipp J. Bartels